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BOTOX Cosmetic in Weston, Florida

  • Are you looking for an injectable treatment that is easy to receive and make appointments for? Are you suffering from crow’s feet and wrinkles?
  •  If you answered yes to both of these questions and live near the beautiful suburbs of Weston, Florida, then it may be a great idea to stop in for your free consultation or make an appointment here at our facility Weston Medical Clinic and Cosmetic Center. 
  • With the help of our qualified staff, we can help you decide whether Botox Cosmetic Weston can smooth your wrinkles! Don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation!

How does Botox work?

  • The treatment itself is quick and easy and only takes around 10 minutes which is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. This also depends on the patient and the area being treated. Botox is injected with a fine needle into the required areas that the patient would like to be corrected. 
  • No anesthesia is required, but if you feel like you might feel any discomfort a topical numbing cream may be placed on the skin. Botox is injected into target areas and reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that produce them. 
  • The contraction-induced wrinkles temporarily fade as Botox paralyzes the underlying muscles. With those particular muscles temporarily paralyzed, those pesky wrinkles are unable to form when you’re being expressive. 
  • This injectable is best at treating dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that form with movement. Dermal fillers may be better suited to treat static wrinkles, although Botox helps too. It is known for treating migraines and hyperhidrosis or a disorder characterized by excessive sweating.

What results can I expect?

  • Many patients that have had the procedure done have seen results within 24 to 48 hours and results can last up to 4 months. Results vary from person to person and how severe the wrinkles are. You can finally say bye, bye to crow’s feet and frown lines!

How many units of Botox are needed?

  • For frown lines 20 units of Botox are needed. 
  • For forehead lines, 12-20 units are needed. 
  • For crow’s feet lines, 8-12 units per side are needed.  
  • For armpit sweating ( Axillary Hyperhidrosis ) , 50 units per side are needed.  
  • Each Botox treatment is personalized to match your individual needs, so the actual number of units you get is customized to you.


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Botox Cosmetic has a high satisfaction rate (95% on RealSelf). Why? It can make you look younger and results show up fast. Despite that many people fear needles, this injection is not very uncomfortable. In fact, many people repeat Botox because they love how easy it is to get and how simple the procedure is.  

If you think that Botox is right for you to call us at (954)-385-9711 or email us at to schedule your free consultation today! Here at Weston Medical Clinic and Cosmetic Center were all about the patient and want the very best for you! We look forward to seeing you!  


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