ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center

ThermiSmooth face is the new non-invasive procedure for treating skin laxity around the eyes, mouth, face and mouth. Check out the video which demonstrates the precision of the ThermiSmooth Face procedure!

ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center


ThermiRF® skin tightening can tighten and smooth the skin in a variety of areas by stimulating the patient’s natural production of collagen. Best results have been seen in typical “trouble” zones: the submental area, neck and jaw line as well as the axillary fold. The non-invasive application is ideal for around the eyes and lips, thermismooth face.

What are non invasive ThermiSmooth skin tightening treatments like?
First, we cleanse the area to be treated and a gel to the skin. ThermiRF treatments are accomplished through a delicate handpiece attached to the ThermiRF system. When the handpiece is placed against the skin you will feel the cool tip. When the low energy radiofrequency is administered you will feel a comfortable, warming sensation. The clinician will adjust the temperature to insure the desired treatment dose and your comfort. Treatment time vary depending on the treatment area and may take between twenty minutes to a half hour. ThermiSmooth face

How is the ThermiRF skin tightening different from laser procedures?
Unlike lasers, with, where the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the skin’s surface, the ThermiRF energy stimulates the production of collagen (which supports the skin) from within. ThermiRF can be used to tighten the skin of the face, neck, chest and arms. ThermiRF is the first aesthetic therapy with temperature control. This means the clinician can deliver the desired therapy without risk of burns.

How many ThermiSmooth treatments will I need?
Most patients see immediate improvement. ThermiRF treatments are administered every three to four weeks. Usually, 2-3 treatments are sufficient. ThermiRF skin tightening treatments are administered every three to four weeks.