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Body Contouring ThermiTight ® is utilized for the following procedures:

Neck and Jowl Tightening

Abdominal Tightening

Upper Arm Tightening

Knee Tightening

Cellulite Treatment

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Body Contouring ThermiTight

Subcutaneously radiofrequency energy is used at higher temperatures precisely controlled by the physician to melt adipose (fat) tissue for body contouring and volume reduction anywhere on the body.

The tiny radiofrequency probe delivers the prescribed dose of safe RF energy through the non-insulated tip of the probe to heat the targeted fat cells and melt them. The treated fat cells are then flushed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system and excreted as urine over the course of several months.

ThermiRF also stimulates increased production of collagen in the skin, creating tighter skin that enhances the results of spot fat reduction within the same treatment area.

Wrinkle Reduction
Radiofrequency energy is used to heat the target tissues. Heat penetrates the skin transcutaneously to stimulate increased collagen production and reduce wrinkle lines and tighten treated tissue.
The ThermiRF non-invasive treatment is best suited to patients with mild to moderate wrinkles, great for the forehead, under the eyes and around the mouth.
Patients see improvement in their skin tightness, with minimal risks and downtime compared to surgery.

Skin Tightening
Why is there a need for a new radio frequency non-invasive aesthetic skin tightening approach?
Current non-invasive radio frequency clinical outcomes have been modest and unreliable. Procedures can be time-consuming and painful, require anesthesia, and be technique-sensitive. There have been burns, scars and other side effects with radio frequency technology that lacks temperature control. Measurement of skin temperature with external thermometers is unreliable due to high variances in temperature readout and technique sensitivity.

How is ThermiRF Platform with ThermiRF different?
The ThermiRF Platform controls the temperature of the hand-piece tip that is in contact with the patient. The clinician can set the desired temperature and know that it is being delivered to the patient. Once the hand-piece tip reaches the target temperature, a digital clock measures time. With precise temperature and time, the clinician can target and control the therapeutic dose. The system increases safety, delivers more reliable clinical outcomes .


Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center

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Dr. Calle is at the forefront of the newest innovation in skin tightening and Body Contouring.The ThermiTight procedure is minimally invasive, occurring just below the skin surface, where the maximum effects will be achieved.  The results have been outstanding, with significant improvement seen in as little as few weeks , but continuing to improve over a period of six to twelve months.  Dr.Calle is a member of the Clinical Advisory Council of ThermiAesthetics, the maker of ThermiTight, and as such, he trains physicians from across the country in this exciting new procedure.


Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic Center

Liposuction Not needed with the new Nonsurgical alternative- ThermiTight

Tighten Sagging Skin on the Face, Neck and Body With Minimal Downtime!

 ThermiTight Injectable RF! Patients are “beyond excited and thrilled!”

According to Medical Insight 79% of patients surveyed stated they have excessive sub-mental fat that they would like to have treated. In fact, the demand for accurate body contouring, lifting and skin tightening are growing at the fastest and most consistent rate of any aesthetic procedure. ThermiRF technology achieves both improved contouring and tightening in the same treatment for a more reliable, less painful and safer procedure to treat small areas of fat tissue and lifting for patients that do not want to undergo more invasive procedures. As a standalone technology, patients will see results in approximately 6-12 weeks as their body naturally flushes out targeted fat tissue and tissues tighten. If combined with liposuction, patients will see immediate results with improved skin tightening.

Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiTight is a new approach for stimulating the development of collagen. It is a non-surgical procedure that introduces radiofrequency (RF) energy beneath the skin to stimulate the production of collagen to tighten and smooth the skin on the face, neck, and body.

This procedure is minimally invasive, requires only local anesthesia and poses little to no downtime. In addition to the lower face and neck, ThermiTight is used on areas of the body that can benefit from tightening or lifting. These areas include the breasts (may be combined with breast lipo-reduction), abdomen (to reduce wrinkly skin), and upper arms. ThermiTight can be combined with liposuction in the presence of excess fat.

ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic CenterAfter the skin is numbed with local anesthesia, a tiny incision is made in the skin and the ThermiTight electrode is introduced below the surface. The electrode is the size of a needle so no stitches are needed. The electrode provides RF energy while simultaneously measuring the real-time temperature at its tip. Only enough RF energy is delivered to heat the tissue to a safe temperature. For added safety, an external video camera is used to measure the actual surface temperature of the skin.

Results with ThermiTight develop gradually and are long-lasting. The treatment itself typically takes less than one hour, and poses minimal post-treatment redness and swelling—many patients resume their normal activities right away!

For some, ThermiTight may put off surgical procedures such as a face-lift or a neck-lift. In certain cases, two ThermiTight treatments may be needed to achieve a patient’s desired improvement.

What are the benefits of ThermiTight?
This procedure produces tighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin for all skin types. ThermiTight is safe for both light and dark complexions.
The procedure is relatively inexpensive and causes no known side effects.

ThermiTight skin rejuvenation:

    Delivers gradual and lasting improvements

    Offers predictable outcomes

    Requires minimal or no “down time”

Who is a candidate for ThermiTight treatment?
Anyone whose face, neck, upper arms, and/or abdomen has begun to show natural signs of aging can benefit from ThermiTight treatment. Its gentle radiofrequency energy is guided directly by Dr Calle, with continual monitoring of the energy level so patient comfort is easily maintained.

ThermiTight Recovery
There is no recovery time required following ThermiTight treatments. You should use only mild soaps and lotions for a few days, and apply sunscreen to the face for several months after treatment.


Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic Center


ThermiTight Injectable RF is fast becoming the treatment of choice for leading aesthetic physicians who see patients with skin laxity

ThermiTight InjectableRF. Real results without surgery.

ThermiRF treatments use targeted radio-frequency energy to address wrinkle reduction, body contouring and skin tightening using ThermiGen, the only “temperature controlled” radio-frequency system on the market with both non-invasive and micro invasive applications . ThermiRF treatments are safe, simple, effective and are ideal for patients who want proven results without surgery.

Finally, a treatment platform as versatile and detail oriented as you are!
ThermiRF causes effective volume reduction of trouble zones previously difficult to impact; sub-mental, axillary fold, arms , abdomen and knees, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction with our state of the art temperature controlled Radio Frequency technology and use of ThermiRase for treatment of frown lines without the use of Neurotoxins.

Why is there a need for a new product focused on MICRO invasive volume reduction and skin tightening?
Liposuction can reduce fat, but there is significant downtime, cost and potential side effects to the patient, and other tissue tightening and lifting technologies are ineffective. In addition ThermiRF is ideal for small areas. Patients and Physicians alike have been searching for a safe and effective treatment that can reduce fat and tighten skin post procedure; especially for the small areas of the body that cause concern under the chin, love handles and arms

Who can be treated with a ThermiRF?

  • ThermiTight – Patients with small trouble areas such as sub-mental, axillary fold and arms may be good candidates using ThermiRF for soft tissue tightening and coagulation to achieve volume reduction and reduced skin laxity.
  • ThermiRase – Patients who desire long term relaxation of frowns and wrinkles without Botulinum toxin.
  • ThermiSmooth – Patients with skin type I-IV are candidates for treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles.
  • results vary by patient in clinical studies.

Our Science
New Temperature Controlled Technology is available only with the ThermiRF System
ThermiRF’s technology allows physicians to precisely locate an area for treatment, and then apply a specific dose of controlled radiofrequency energy to a portion of the targeted area. The ThermiRF Platform addresses wrinkle reduction, body contouring, lifting, relaxation of frown lines and skin tightening with both non-invasive and minimally invasive applications.
ThermiRf is the first and only aesthetic  therapy with temperature control.

ThermiRF is the first aesthetic therapy with Temperature Control Technology. There  are several radio-frequency products on the market currently however there is no system that has the ability to control temperature that is being used in Aesthetics.

Increasingly patients are looking for non- invasive or MICRO invasive procedures that do not require them to take time  from work or their daily schedules for recovery. All procedure options with ThermiRF are able to be done in the office setting and do not require any down time. Patients can have procedures done during a lunch hour and return to work.

The Latest Anti-Cellulite TreatmentThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center
The thighs, butt, stomach and upper arms are the areas that attract cellulite and women are on a constant quest to find a permanent solution to eliminate it. Count poor circulation, connective tissue and fibrous bands that push against fat among the causes for this bulging look. But there has been progress in terms of treating cellulite now that doctors have a better understanding of what it is, how it’s caused and ways to limit it.

Until there’s a permanent cure available, cellulite is, and probably always will be, one of the biggest beauty problems women face, so it’s really no surprise that new supercharged treatments keep making their way into doctors’ offices.

Finally, you can get the “gain” without the “pain.”
ThermiTight injectable RF is the perfect solution for today’s “in-between” patient, who wants quick, long lasting results, without the downtime of traditional surgery.

Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center  body contouring thermitight

ThermiTight Injectable RF featured in New Beauty Magazine: “The Latest Anti-Cellulite Treatments.”

Innovative, effective, minimally invasive procedure for significant cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

The novel and extremely successful ThermiTight procedure has been found to be effective in treating cellulite! This minimally invasive procedure attacks cellulite where it occurs – directly under the surface of the skin. With little to no downtime, except for the wearing of a compression garment, the patient is often able to see results in a few weeks, although improvement continues for up to one year following the procedure.

Body Contouring ThermiTight

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, and usually occurs after puberty.

Cellulite is often classified using three grades:

  • Grade 1 cellulite sees no clinical symptoms, but a microscopic examination of cells from the area detects underlying anatomical changes.
  • Grade 2 cellulite requires the skin to show pallor (pastiness), be lower temperature, and have decreased elasticity, in addition to anatomical changes noted by microscopic examinations.
  • Grade 3 cellulite has visible roughness of the skin (like an orange peel) along with all grade 2 signs.

Although cellulite can affect both sexes, it is much more common in females, mainly because they are more likely to have particular types of fat and connective tissue.

What causes cellulite?

The causes of cellulite are not well understood, but there are several theories that have been put forth as explanations. Among these are:

  • Diet – people who eat too much fat, carbohydrates, or salt and too little fiber are likely to have greater amounts of cellulite.
  • Genetics – certain genes are required for cellulite development. Genes may predispose an individual to particular characteristics associated with cellulite, such as gender, race, slow metabolism, distribution of fat just underneath the skin, and circulatory insufficiency.
  •  Hormonal factors – hormones likely play an important role in cellulite development. Many believe estrogen, insulin, nor-adrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin are part of the cellulite production process.
  • Lifestyle factors – cellulite may be more prevalent in smokers, those who do not exercise, and those who sit or stand in one position for long periods of time.
  • Clothing – underwear with tight elastic across the buttocks (limiting blood flow) may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

How can cellulite be prevented?

Eating healthy, low fat foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fiber can help one to avoid cellulite. Similarly exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing stress are recommended to prevent cellulite. In addition wearing thongs, boy shorts, or looser fitting undergarments can prevent cellulite that might form due to tight elastic.

What to Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Phanor Calle at Weston Medical Clinic & Cosmetic Center will review your medical history and treatment goals. Treatment options, including risks and benefits, will be discussed in detail. Photos may also be necessary. We also ask that you bring a list of medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you take, along with information on dosages.

Just minutes to a more beautiful you
Feel better, look fantastic without surgery

Patients today are demanding faster, less invasive procedures with little, if any, downtime that can reduce those pockets of unwanted fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise and tighten loose sagging skin. Now, ThermiAesthetics is pleased to offer the newest advancement in tissue tightening and non-surgical fat reduction for body contouring.

How many treatments are needed?
Depending on the skin’s laxity, the area to be treated and the results desired, multiple treatments may be required. Keep in mind that the results from ThermiRF are gradual and may take from three to six months to maximize the effects of the treatment.

ThermiTight  tightening
Unlike lasers, with ThermiRF, where the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the skin’s surface, the RF energy stimulates the production of collagen (which supports the skin) from within. ThermiRF can be used to tighten the skin of the face, neck, back, chest and arms. ThermiRF is the first aesthetic therapy with temperature control. This means the clinician can set the desired temperature and deliver the therapy reducing risk of burns to the patient.ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic Center

Can I have other treatments with Body Contouring?
Yes, ThermiRF can be used to tighten the skin of the face, neck, back, chest and arms. ThermiRF is the first aesthetic therapy with temperature control. Many patients choose skin tightened to enhance the results of their spot fat reduction and improve their facial and body contours.ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center

Why is there a need for a new product focused on MICRO invasive volume reduction and skin tightening?
Liposuction can reduce fat, but there is significant downtime, cost and potential side effects to the patient, and other tissue tightening and lifting technologies are ineffective. In addition ThermiRF is ideal for small areas. Patients and Physicians alike have been searching for a safe and effective treatment that can reduce fat and tighten skin post procedure; especially for the small areas of the body that cause concern under the chin, love handles and arms

Commonly Asked Questions about ThermiTight: Radio Frequency Skin Tightening for the Face, Neck and Body

What is ThermiTight skin rejuvenation?
The newest advance in tissue tightening, ThermiTight offers a minimally-invasive treatment option for stimulating collagen production, tightening and smoothing skin on the face and neck and in other areas of the body.ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic Center

Does it hurt?
Minimally invasive ThermiTight treatment makes use of tumescent anesthetic to maintain patient comfort throughout the procedure without the use of general anesthesia .There is little risk of discomfort following the procedure.

Body Contouring ThermiTight

How long will recovery take?
Downtime is virtually nonexistent with ThermiTight treatment, although you may want to relax for 24 to 48 hours following your procedure.

How does ThermiTight work?
ThermiTight works by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy underneath the skin, heating the structural tissue and causing contraction and tightening, which improves laxity and sagging.

What areas of the body can be treated with ThermiTight?
Commonly treated areas include the lower face and neck, the breasts (this treatment is often combined with No-Scar Breast Reduction), the abdomen, the upper arms (“bat wings”) and more. The ThermiTight treatment is often combined with liposuction if excess fat is also a problem.

How long does a ThermiTight treatment take?
The ThermiTight treatment typically takes less than one hour.

How soon will I see the results?
There is often immediate visible tightening, but maximal improvement can take three to 6 months.

Are there any potential side effects?
Because of the built-in safety features of the ThermiTight RF system, side effects are very unlikely. The device monitors the actual beneath-the-skin temperature, which is kept below the threshold that can cause thermal damage. In addition, an external infrared camera is used to monitor the skin surface temperature.ThermiSmooth weston medical clinic cosmetic center

Who shouldn’t receive ThermiTight?
Although ThermiTight RF treatments can be used safely on nearly all patients, those with extremely loose skin or sagging of the deeper fascial layer may require surgery such as a face lift.

How Much Does ThermiTight cost at Weston Medical Clinic & Cosmetic Center?
The cost of ThermiTight varies according to the areas being treated. To learn more, please request a consultation with us.

How do I get started?
Please call Weston Medical Clinic & Cosmetic Center for more information or to schedule your complimentary ThermiTight consultation with Dr Calle : (954) 3859711  or click here to contact us.

Your procedure performed by Dr Calle,  YOUR physician!

Body Contouring ThermiTight

ThermiRF: Applying the “Science of Heat” to treat a variety of aesthetic soft tissue and nerve conditions.

Skin Tightening Wrinkle Reduction - ThermiTight - Weston FL

Body Contouring ThermiTight

A non-invasive solution for smoothing skin texture.

From cellulite to facial wrinkles, ThermiSmooth improves the appearance of lax skin with no surgery or downtime. A simple series of quick, once a week treatments over four weeks can improve skin texture, even during your lunch break. Whether you have wrinkles around the eyes, crepe texture hands or lax skin around the abdomen, ThermiSmooth is the simple, non-invasive solution for skin laxity. Click here to see real results…

Skin Tightening Wrinkle Reduction - ThermiTight - Weston FL

Body Contouring ThermiTight

A single treatment solution for skin laxity.

How you can treat your sagging neck, quickly and without the downtime associated with major surgery? ThermiTight is the answer. ThermiTight is a RF treatment that tightens lax skin just about anywhere on your body. Only local anesthetic is required to keep you comfortable during the short procedure. Your results will resolve gradually over 4-6 weeks, and may improve for up to a year! Click here to see real results…

Body Contouring ThermiTight

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ThermiTight ®

 ThermiTight Weston Medical Clinic Cosmetic Center
body contouring thermitight

Body Contouring ThermiTight

body contouring thermitight

Body Contouring ThermiTight

body contouring thermitightbody contouring thermitight


Body Contouring ThermiTight