A New Non-Surgical, No Scars breast lift. 

ThermiBreast ™   offers  an excellent alternative to Surgical Breast lift.



The only way to lift the breast without increasing its size is to perform a breast lift and this was until now the only option, but there’s a new exclusive non-surgical option now called ThermiBreast.

As we age, it is common for breasts to appear to sit lower or sag.  Female breast ptosis or sagging is a natural consequence of aging. The rate at which a woman’s breasts droop and the degree of ptosis depends on many factors. The key factors influencing breast ptosis over a woman’s lifetime are cigarette smoking, her number of pregnancies, gravity, higher body mass index, larger bra cup size, and significant weight gain and loss. Post-menopausal women may experience increased ptosis due to a loss of skin elasticity. Many women and medical professionals mistakenly believe that breastfeeding increases sagging. It is also commonly believed that the breast itself offers insufficient support and that wearing a bra prevents sagging which has not been found to be true.


What is a ThermiBreast ?

Do you know that you can get the results of a breast lift, without the hassle and inconvenience of invasive breast surgery?

ThermiBreast is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that delivers controlled thermal energy. After local anesthetic if applied, a small radiofrequency probe is inserted under the skin. The radiofrequency probe is passed under the skin as the tissue is taken to its target temperature reversing the effects of aging, reshaping and lifting breasts to a more upright position. ThermiBreast is considered for those patients that do not want to undergo breast surgery.

For the right candidate it is a great alternative to traditional surgical breast lift scars. ThermiBreast leaves your skin visibly unscarred.

For patients with significant breast ptosis ( drooping ) ThermiBreast will not replace a surgical breast lift.

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ThermiBreast Procedure

ThermiBreast leaves your skin unmarred by scars, while boosting and lifting your breasts, both immediately and over time. A minimal number of needle  entry points are made in the areolas, through which a tiny  probe is inserted  under the skin of the breast, and this probe  delivers radio frequency energy to the problem areas, in turn causing the skin to shrink and Tighten  by stimulating the production of new elastin to improve your skin’s smoothness.


The procedure takes only about 30-45 minutes per breast. ThermiBreast is a breakthrough procedure! The excess skin is not cut out, but is tightened therefore there are no visible scars, only nearly imperceptible needle sticks, virtually undetectable once they heal and you will start to see your results immediately after treatment, but the most noticeable results will begin to appear within two to three months after your procedure, and your full and final results will be visible in six to twelve months.

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ThermiBreast ™  ThermiTight ®    ThermiBra

Are you a candidate for ThermiBreast?

The definition of a ptotic breast is one where the position of the nipple is below the level of the fold underneath the breast. The only way to elevate the position of the nipple is through surgery. Breast lift surgery (“mastopexy”) not only lifts the position of the nipple, it also rearranges the location of breast tissue to improve the overall shape of the breasts, but they require incisions, which will leave visible scars. Most women refuse breast lifts because of the vertical scars of the traditional technique. If you have sagging breasts, or have implants placed and want to avoid surgery, then you may be an excellent candidate for the all-new ThermiBreast

So contact us right now to set up your ThermiBreast consultation, and find out more about this breakthrough procedure, and if it’s right for you.

The best candidates for ThermiBreast are patients who want results similar to those of a traditional breast lift but do not want to undergo breast surgery


The procedure is done as outpatient, under local anesthesia.

ThermiBreast, a non-surgical minimally invasive radio frequency breast lift for breast skin tightening without noticeable scars.

Contact Weston Medical Clinic & Cosmetic Center , Dr. Phanor Calle Board Certified Aesthetic  Medicine  today to find out if ThermiBreast is right for you.

ThermiBreast ™  ThermiTight ®    ThermiBra